Transgender Rights


We want to confirm that we stand with our Transgender, non-binary & intersex family. You are valid, loved & welcome at Blossom.

Blossom recognises the rising tension in the UK. We are unhappy with the treatment of Transgender individuals by our government, media & public figures. Bigotry should play no part in influencing political decisions which involve a persons human rights.

We stand alongside our family at Pride in Surrey when we say “Number 10 we’re watching you and your movements on the GRA. YOU MUST NOT let the GRA consultation which be in vain. We didn’t go through that ordeal for nothing! PLEASE do the right thing Boris Johnson & Liz Truss LISTEN to the 70% who voted in favour of our rights.”

We continue to operate Transgender welcoming sessions which include everybody. We are proud to use unisex toilets (when possible) and offer interesting and sensitive classes that support our Transgender family through their day to day life.