About Us

We launched Blossom after the discovery that upon leaving youth services LGBT+ people may struggle to access adult services and build supportive like-minded networks. It is the belief of Blossom LGBT+ that everybody deserves the opportunity to access a safe and supportive environment where they can flourish whilst being their authentic self! Blossom LGBT+ focuses our work around three key principles; peer-to-peer support, empowerment through education & amplifying voices.

Peer-to-Peer Support
By launching a network of groups we are connecting some of the most brilliant LGBT+ young adults (and allies!) in order to truly empower them. We provide free peer-to-peer social & targeted sessions. These include our campaign group, social group, and additional workshops. The best part is that anyone is welcome, we encourage allies of the community to come along and join us, all we ask is you’re respectful to everyone.

Empowerment Through Education
We strongly feel that the best way to a future free of discrimination is through education. We regularly run sessions that include life skill classes such as all-inclusive makeup classes, gym classes, or cooking classes to the public & to Blossom LGBT+ members. The launch of the BCast (Our regular podcast) allows us to talk about educational topics in a relatable, down to earth, manor. We also offer a number of ‘by request’ education opportunities. These could include classes aimed to provide parents an understanding of LGBT+ issues or having one-to-one conversations with professionals about how to discuss LGBT+ related issues.

Amplifying Voices
When you’re LGBT+ you know what it’s like to feel unheard. We want to change this. Blossom LGBT+ is a proud user-led service. We listen to what our members say and identify the services that they need. We also empower our members to find their voices!

Our Services

We provide a number of services to LGBTQ+ people. Check out our ‘Services’ tab above to read more.

Intersectional Approach

Blossom LGBT+ acknowledges that being LGBT+ is not the only defining factor that our members may have. We strongly believe in creating an environment where everybody feels protected, welcome and equally validated. Blossom LGBT+ understands that there is a clear underrepresentation of (and not exclusively limited to) Black people, Asian people, other ethnic minorities, trans and nonbinary people, Bi people, disabled people and otherwise marginalized people across the LGBT+. Blossom LGBT+ is proud to have a number of ‘visions’ that will hold us accountable to inclusion from an intersectional approach. We hope to publish these once we have established their effectiveness.