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We launched Blossom after the discovery that upon leaving youth services LGBTQ+ people may struggle to access adult services and build supportive like minded networks.

Follow your heart and do what you love. Success will follow!

Experience, education and wellbeing before profit
Everybody deserves the opportunity to access a safe and supportive environment where they can flourish whilst being their authentic self! We provide, often free, sessions which include life skill classes such as all inclusive makeup classes, gym classes or cooking classes. The best part is that anyone is welcome! We encourage allies of the community to come along and join us, all we ask is you’re respectful to everyone.

We are incredibly proud to be Trans inclusive
We strongly support the entire LGBT+ community. Trans rights are Human rights.

Our History
Blossom LGBT+ (originally Rainbow Citizens) was opened by Oscar Hoyle in September 2019. Blossom was launched after the discovery that upon leaving youth services young LGBTQ+ people (aged 18 up) had very little support accessing adult services or meeting similar people without being around alcohol. The project gained interest incredibly quickly and it became apparent that Blossom was bigger than a one person project so became part of the Pride in Surrey family in late January 2020.

The Blossom TV Experience…

Your Support is Essential

About the Director…

Oscar Hoyle; Blossom director

Oscar Hoyle, often called Oz, moved to Surrey in 2018 having spent time living in Brighton. It was apparent to Oscar that although Surrey had fantastic services such as Outline, Twister, and Pride in Surrey, it was lacking a service that focused on finding ways for LGBT+ people to improve on their life skills and flourish as people.

In Oscar’s free time he enjoys baking & exploring the Surrey countryside with Lola, his beautiful puppy!

Oscar would like to use this space to thank the amazing volunteers who have worked, and continue to work, hand in hand alongside him to make Blossom a friendly, accessible and enjoyable service for all to use.