Volunteer Opportunities

Do you want to be part of an LGBTQ+ movement that is working to support LGBTQ+ people in Surrey every single day?

We’re very excited to announce that we’re having our first-ever recruitment drive! We’re committed to growing the Blossom LGBT team and we’d love for people from all backgrounds to be involved.

Check out what we’re looking for and apply by clicking here.

Blossom LGBT currently has some amazing, interesting and unique volunteer positions that we’d really like to fill! Our roles are flexible which means that we can work together to tailor the position to be what you are passionate about.

Examples of available roles include:

– Advisory Panel Member

– Campaigns Officer

– Safeguarding Officer

But way more roles are available! You can even email us on info@blossom.lgbt and we’ll tailor-make you a role together.

That link to check out the jobs again? blossom.lgbt/jobs.