Our New Shop!

Well here’s a new exciting way to support us! We’ve launched a brand new shop dedicated to fundraising for Blossom LGBT so we can carry on the amazing work that we do to support the LGBTQ+ community in Surrey.

You can click here to visit our shop

Ranging from T-shirts to tote bags our shop has some amazing LGBTQ+ themed clothing that is both stylish and ethical. Designed by the community for the community! We worked with a number of LGBTQ+ designers, artists & illustrators to bring you a combination of hand-drawn and digitally designed products.

We teamed up with Teemill to bring you this collection, all of the products are ethically sourced, produced at a fair price, AND organic. This means that as well as supporting us with your purchase, you’re also supporting cotton farms, t-shirt factories, and transportation companies that take an ethical approach to their products & staff! You hero!

Buying a T-shirt from our website is a fantastic way to show your pride and support LGBTQ+ designers. To put it simply the more orders we take, the more artists we can commission. We’re a true community shop; we reinvest all the profits back into our services including this shop. We get 100% of the profit from these T-shirts. We generally get between £5 to £10 per product we sell. This is because we also cover the print & warehouse costs.The most effective way to support Blossom LGBT CIC is to donate to us directly through paypal.

You can donate directly to Blossom LGBT by clicking here.

How do you check out the shop again? By clicking here.