Safety Plan Template

We feel most LGBTQ+ people will resonate with the recent media coverage and conditions around feeling safe when you’re out and about. We don’t want to go into much detail because we wouldn’t wish to cause more upset, but we do want to help you to feel more reassured when you leave the house.

When you’re a marginalized person, it can feel hard to be yourself. We’re often trapped in an in-between of wanting to be our authentic selves & wanting to know we will be safe. It can be overwhelming to consider both of these factors at the same time and make day-to-day tasks seem incredibly difficult.

We’re proud to be able to use the lived experiences and professional life of the Blossom LGBT CIC team to create a resource focusing on taking steps to consider your safety when you’re out. The resource is designed to give you confidence that you have a plan to look after your safety.

It’s also important to acknowledge that nobody should feel pressure or a need to use the safety plan. The team is incredibly disappointed that we even need to consider making a document like this. That being said, until we can be sure we are safe, let’s make practical considerations!