Financial Director/Manager

About This Position: Blossom LGBT CIC is looking to welcome either a Director of Finance or a Financial Manager to join our volunteer team to empower us to grow as a service and begin working towards creating a financial situation that enables us to begin expanding our services, investing in resources, and employing staff members. We are creating the opportunity for you to join our team as either a manager, who will have additional responsibilities of managing and building a small team, OR, as a director who will have additional responsibilities of being a member of the board of directors. You will be given the opportunity to discuss the appointment at the interview stages.

Role Name: Director of Finance / Finacial Manager

Report to: Board of Directors / Managing Director

Job Type: Volunteer

Time Commitment: Minimum of 4 hours a week

DBS Requirements: None unless you opt to work directly with service users

Core Responsibilities:

  • Seek out funds to support our excisting services.
  • Seek out funds to grow our service.
  • Manage our day to day accounting.
  • Reporting, Forcasting and producing P&L’s.
  • General bookkeeping.
  • Support with HMRC required documents such as tax returns & accounts.

— Additional responsibilities —

Manager Responsibilities:

  • Recruit and retain a small team of volunteers to support with funding needs.
  • Ensure regular training and developement opportunities for your team.
  • As a team offer training and ‘taster’ events for our service users.
  • Prepare and send regular reports to the board of directors.

OR —

Director of Finance Responsibilities:

  • Act in accordance to Blossom LGBT CIC’s articles of association including:
    • Regular directors meetings.
    • Reporting to the board of directors.
    • Complete all company house & HMRC requirements alongside and with support of the board.
    • Partake in all (or most) service delivery votes.
  • To develop a clear job description with the board, this will be voted for by all directors in the early stages of your appointment.
  • Represent Blossom LGBT’s finacial situation in an honest, frank and clear way.
  • Be aware of the length of your term as director & be prepared to run for relection if required.
  • You will be an executive director meaning you will be involved in the daily operation of Blossom.

Skills & Experience Required (Flexible):

  • Good communication skills (including written).
  • Report writing expierence.
  • Grant / Funding bid writing expierence.
  • Accounting / Bookkeeping experience.
  • Budget managment.
  • Finacially literate.
Job Category: directing director managment
Job Type: director volunteer
Job Location: Online Surrey Woking
DBS Required: No

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