We believe that LGBTQ+ people deserve the right to feel comfortable and welcome accessing a workplace. Ranging from Gyms to offices – LGBTQ+ people access your facilities almost every day. It’s important that you are welcoming to them and know how to accommodate them… In fact, you even have a legal duty in some cases!

We operate under the mindset that all LGBTQ+ people have the ability to thrive and achieve amazing things when given a safe space to explore their abilities. In recent months we have seen a rise in LGBTQ+ hate crimes and an increase in transphobic media coverage in Surrey. This is not ok. It’s our vision that everywhere should be a safe space; work and accessing services should take center stage in this.

Blossom LGBTQ+ launched our professional offering in 2021 which is the start of our inclusive services campaign. Read More Here…

You can get involved with our campaign by volunteering with us or encouraging your employer to access our professional offering.