Job Location: Woking

Advisory Panel Member

We want to ensure Blossom LGBTQ+ always includes every identity in the work we do, part of this is looking for people to hold us accountable. The advisory panel will meet once a month to discuss intersectional LGBTQ+ inclusion within Blossom both in our internal and external work. You’ll get a say in our campaigns, service delivery, life skills, and any other aspect of Blossom.

Safeguarding Lead

Safeguarding is vital to our ongoing support of the LGBTQ+ community, particularly the work we do around providing safe spaces for LGBTQ+ young adults and our life skill classes. We’re looking for an individual with safeguarding experience to join our team as a second designated safeguarding officer.

Campaigns Officer

As an organization that predominantly works with supporting LGBTQ+ people, we’ve often inadvertently been involved with civil rights campaigning and efforts to improve the quality of life for LGBTQ+ people – We’ve decided to embrace this. The campaigns officer role is a unique and exciting opportunity to get involved in grassroots activism by using the platform that Blossom LGBT provides to work for positive change.

Social Media Officer

A huge part of Blossom LGBT CIC is our community engagement, this includes via social media. Our Social Media Engager would be responsible for the uploading of new posts across all our online profiles: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Woking Social Group Volunteer

At Blossom LGBT CIC, our vision is to ensure the safe spaces we provide for young adults are free from judgment and discrimination to allow everyone to be their authentic selves; our Session Facilitators are an integral part of this. Due to the nature of our groups, it can be difficult to give pinpoint exactly what you will be doing every session.

Fundraising Officer

Funding is a critical part of ensuring we can continue to develop and deliver our amazing services to the community; whether it be to acquire new resources for our social groups, launching new projects or developing training packages. We are looking for someone who can seek out and pursue funding opportunities as well as support with organizing and facilitating fundraising events. We are proud to be flexible with all of our volunteer roles, we think it’s important to play to your strengths whilst also providing the opportunity to professionally develop when you are comfortable, lets chat about your skills and see how we can tailor this role to you.