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Posted 4 months ago

Position: Advisory Panel Member

Part of: Community Team

Responsible to: Executive Directors

Role Description:

We want to ensure Blossom LGBT always includes every identity in the work we do, part of this is looking for people to hold us accountable. The advisory panel will meet once a month to discuss intersectional LGBTQ+ inclusion within Blossom, both in our internal and external work., you’ll get a say in our campaigns, service delivery, life skills, and any other aspect of Blossom.

It will be your choice if you’d like to be further involved and help out as a representative of the panel on any of our projects.

Key responsibilities for the role:

  • Attend a monthly progress meeting to discuss Blossom’s inclusion.
  • Be aware of intersectionality and provide extertese on the identity you represent within the panel.
  • Hold the board of directors accountable to inclusion and equity commitments.

Key Skills:

  • Good verbal communication skill
  • Good written communication skill
  • Strong time management and organisation abilities
  • Open minded & creative
  • The ability to build and maintain professional relationships
  • Passionate and dedicated
  • Confident to speak your mind and stand out

IMPORTANT: On joining the panel you will be subject to a 3-month review, the panel & directors will vote annually on panel member’s continued involvement. We do this to ensure the panel remains progressive and our work remains initiative.

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Community Team, Operations Team

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