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Position: Campaigns Officer

Responsible to: Senior Managers

Team: Community & Operations Teams

Campaigns Officer Role Description:

As an organization that predominantly works with supporting LGBTQ+ people, we’ve often inadvertently been involved with civil rights campaigning and efforts to improve the quality of life for LGBTQ+ people – We’ve decided to embrace this. The campaigns officer role is a unique and exciting opportunity to get involved in grassroots activism by using the platform that Blossom LGBT provides to work for positive change, you may be developing training programmes, talking to local organisations or even writing full campaign briefs. The scope of this role is huge, you can make it into whatever you want!  We are proud to be flexible with all of our volunteer roles, we think it’s important to play to your strengths whilst also providing the opportunity to professionally develop when you are comfortable, let’s chat about your skills and see how we can tailor this role to you.

Key responsibilities for the role:

  • Better the lives of LGBTQ+ young adults in Surrey by campaigning for positive change.
  • Plan, Write & impliment carefully considered LGBTQ+ focused campaigns.
  • To perform in an intersectional way to ensure all LGBTQ+ people are benefitng from the work of Blossom LGBT

Key Skills:

  • A good understanding of the LGBTQ+ social justice issues
  • Solid content research skills
  • Digital & in person Safety Awareness
  • Safeguarding awareness
  • Passion
  • Drive
  • Commitment

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