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Posted 4 months ago

Position: Fundraising Officer

Part of: Operations Team

Responsible to: Senior Management

Fundraising Role Description:

Funding is a critical part of ensuring we can continue to develop and deliver our amazing services to the community; whether it be to acquire new resources for our social groups, launching new projects or developing training packages. We are looking for someone who can seek out and pursue funding opportunities as well as support with organizing and facilitating fundraising events. We are proud to be flexible with all of our volunteer roles, we think it’s important to play to your strengths whilst also providing the opportunity to professionally develop when you are comfortable, lets chat about your skills and see how we can tailor this role to you.

Key responsibilities for the role:

  • Seeking out funding opportunities
  • Writing grant applications
  • Support with the collection of service data and report writing 
  • Support the management of fundraising event projects
  • Create prosperous relationships within the community 
  • Create mutually beneficial agreements for funders and service users

Key Skills:

  • Sales and negotiation abilities
  • Good verbal communication skill
  • Good written communication skill
  • Strong time management and organisation abilities
  • Administrative and project management skills
  • The ability to build and maintain professional relationships
  • Creative thinking
  • Bid Writing Expierence (theoritcal or genuine experience is essenital)

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