Professional Offering

We are proud to services are for any organisation looking to better their LGBTQ+ inclusion. This could be looking at how you provide services to LGBTQ+ young people, how you train your staff, to how you create an inclusive atmosphere at work. We have two forms of available workplace support, take a look below…


Spend time speaking with an expert in LGBTQ+ inclusion. All our consultants are fully trained on intersectionality so can provide guidance that covers multiple marginalizations. Our consultancy can be booked by the hour, with bulk booking discounts available. A few examples of what we can advise on include:

  • General LGBTQ+ Inclusion Advice
  • Communication Advice
  • Document Advice
  • Inclusion Visions
  • LGBTQ+ Networks
  • Developing a service delivery model that is inclusive


We are proud to be able to offer a suite of LGBTQ+ related training packages. These are tailored to your organization and custom packages are available on request.

• Introduction to LGBTQ+

A basic introduction to LGBTQ+ identities.

• Introduction to Gender

A basic introduction to trans+ identities.

• Delivering an inclusive service

A basic introduction to delivering services that are LGBTQ+ inclusive.

• Right things to say

A chance to brush up on your LGBTQ+ glossary.

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