Blossom Social Group

Expand your social circle! We’d love to see you. Grab a cuppa and come chat, the Blossom LGBT+ social groups are a fantastic way to meet new like-minded friends.

More About The Group…

The roots we grew from! Our 18 to 25 groups are perfect for those just looking to make new friends, leaving youth services, college, or care. We offer a brilliant mix of engaging life skills education and enjoyable social opportunities, groups are always led by the needs & interests of our members. Weekly activities could range from Cooking to Karaoke, Boxing to board games.

Our groups are a great place to meet new people and build a network of supportive & fun individuals. Our Groups are run by staff trained similarly to those who work in the youth services

Before you can attend a Blossom session you’ll need to talk with a member of the Blossom team, we realise this can be scary but we’ll be able to do it either over the phone or in a busy public place & you’re welcome to bring along a friend or a relative. We’ll just chat about you, your life & what you’re looking to get out of the group to make sure that we’re offering you the right support each week.

Membership Form…

    • Don’t Worry; We’ll never share your details without asking you first. Your emergency contact will not be contacted unless of an emergency.