Supporters & Allies Group

Supporters & Ally Group…

Are you a supporter of an LGBTQ+ person looking to understand and navigate the community? Maybe you are the parent or carer of an LGBTQ+ young person. Perhaps you want to better your understanding of identities or find out how you could be a better ally to a friend or loved one. We are proud to be partnering with Woking Twister (A project run by Woking Council for LGBTQ+ youth & funded by Surrey County Council) to bring you a non-judgemental learning space where you can ask questions, explore subjects and meet people with similar circumstances as yourself.

This group runs every other week on Thursday evenings from 7.30 pm until 8.30 pm. It is free to attend and hosted in a private venue*. The group numbers will be limited in order to provide the best possible learning environment. The first half of these sessions will be a short learning opportunity. The second will be a time for open conversation and Q&A. The group will be facilitated by expert activists from within the LGBTQ+ community who are happy to take questions and talk openly about their experiences.

The current topics we are likely to cover are:

  • The basics; what terms mean.
  • Sexual & Romantic Orientations.
  • Gender Identity and Expression.
  • Top tips for supporting LGBTQ+ people.

We have just finished delivering our first term of the parents and carers group. You can register for the next term below. We’ll send you some dates closer to the launch.

Our group rules are below the signup form, please read them before singing up.

Register your interest…

    *This group is free to attend. it is funded through donations alone. We will never pressure or require you to pay to attend. However, if you’d like to buy us a coffee to say thanks, pay for our facilitator car parking costs, or cover some biscuits for a group then you can donate via visiting our paypal page by clicking here.

    Group Rules…

    • Our groups are strictly alcohol-free and we do not allow the use of any illegal substances.
    • In these groups we provide education and although we welcome questions and exploration we will not tolerate debate around the validity of identities; at Blossom & Twister every orientation and gender identity is valid, accepted and loved.
    • People will have varying levels of understanding around LGBTQ+ identities, please be patient with everyone.
    • The group provides a confidential space to share; please take the learning with you but leave the names at the door.
    • Understand that we are not legal experts and that our trainers are speaking from their personal perspectives.
    • Please bring positivity and an open mind.
    • We are here to be a critical friend, sometimes we may challenge your viewpoints or opinions, this is only to support you on your journey to becoming an Ally and is always meant with the best of intentions.

    We do our best to avoid ideologies that may be damaging to Trans and Non-binary people. Such ideology includes that of TERFs or Gender Critical people. Those who hold these viewpoints are entitled to them however we must reiterate that at Blossom LGBT and Twister all identities are valid. Trans women are women. Trans men are men. If you have questions about the viewpoints mentioned here we’d recommend emailing to discuss as these views may be upsetting to other attendees.

    If you have any questions about our group you can email and we’ll respond to you as soon as we can.

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